Sony Playstation E3 conferences 12-14th June 2018

Sony Playstation has brought GG to another level!
During the E3 conference of June 2018, GG took care of the food for about 5000 guests, divided into several layers:
– 1000 media influencers to get started
– 500 VIP guests after
– Finally around 5000 people following the opening of the event to customers and gamers

The event was spread over 5 areas, each with their respective themes and menus:
– At the entrance, guests were greeted with walls of food and a wide selection of drinks
– The first presentation area, guests could test Playstation games with a tray service
– The 2 following zones were designated to stick to the theme of the new games presented
o The first for a jungle theme, GG proposed deconstructed sushi in wooden sake boxes floating on a river
o The second street-themed in New York City, GG offered different ethnic foods to include the kielbasa’s hotdog and more!
– The next area was reserved for a more practical application of foods to accommodate the guests palette, ranging from healthy food to tacos, everything was there.
– When leaving, guests could leave with a small dessert, an Oreo cookie displayed from a tabletop wall or a chocolate dipped salty pretzel rods.


Sony Playstation

Key Facts

. 5,000 guests
. 5 areas
. 3 days event
. 50+ different type of food