Good Gracious!Events Showcase at Millwick June 2016

This special event was a showcase for Good Gracious’ clients and creative partners held at a new location: MILLWICK.

Guests arrived through a wall of hedges and were greeted by topiary people. Then they would go through the kitchen area where they could pick up an appetizer or two, where we had specialty cocktails and special wines.

The concept was based on a 4 courses dinner:
– they could get an appetizer
– then could go to a station and build their own Coates’s salad where a chef was also making mozzarella from scratch
– the next station was seafood
– and finally, we created a “restaurant”.  Where guest would get a table and order form a menu with three options

For dessert: a trio of colors jelly beans, liquid candy shooters and salted pretzel rods with color wafer pearls

BONUS ! Guests got to make their own flower bouquet from the flower cart and also got a box of chocolate truffles made by GG! Events.


Good Gracious! Events

Key Facts

. 4 courses dinner
. bonus activities and gifts