Good Gracious! Events

An award-winning catering company in Los Angeles specializing in event design, wedding consulting, event planning, corporate meetings and gourmet catering. Reinvention. Renewal. Rethinking. A commitment to all three keeps us on the cutting edge and has made Good Gracious! Events the gold standard in the event industry since 1986.

For us, the ingredients for a great event are the same as for a long and happy life.


Event Production

Our mission, to create fabulous events and delicious food for an exceptional experience. We take care of your events from A to Z, so everything is feeling flawless and looking effortless.

360° Experience

Our performers create unforgettable 360° events that reflect each client’s personal zest for life and passion for food.
Being a reflection of the hosts’ hospitality is our primary objective.

Full Service, Food & Beverage

First-class service, ever present, yet completely inconspicuous.
Turning the unusual into the divine, working with the simplest, basic ingredients creating deliciousness beyond expectations.
Creative bar and beverage services, unusual accents, freshest mixes, flavors and premium spirits.

Event Design

From international influences to cultural nuances. Exotic fusions to traditional combinations. From the expected to the unusual.
Good Gracious! designs events for a wide range of guests and every type of diet.
We can help with everything you need, from etiquette to staging and organizing.

Your moment

to shine has arrived.

Let’s work together

Performing the most innovative events in the US, Canada, Mexico and abroad.
For one special event or multi-days event planning.

« The perfect event happens when all elements work together in harmony. »
– Pauline Parry
« Creativity is all about opening your mind to the possibilities. »
– Pauline Parry